Tankless Water Heaters – Suppliers/Installers – Overland Park

Tankless water heaters are growing in popularity, replacing traditional gas or electric water heaters. Like most major appliances in your home, water heaters break down eventually and need to be replaced. Damaged water heaters can release deadly carbon monoxide gas and allow harmful mold to contaminate the water supply. You should replace your old water heater before it completely stops working or starts leaking, which can cause serious water damage to your home.

tankless water heatersTraditional water heaters build up rust and scale inside the tank and can affect the taste of the water you drink. With tankless water heaters, you’ll always experience fresh, clean water. Some indications your water heater is about to quit are when it makes rumbling noises when it kicks on, if there is rusty water coming out of the tap, or if water is leaking onto the floor. Also, your water heater may just be old and worn out. If it’s more than 10 years old, you should have it replaced. Tankless water heaters typically last up to 20 years, twice as long as a tank-style unit.

You should consider a tankless water heater for a couple of reasons. Tankless water heaters give you an endless supply of hot water while saving money on energy costs by not heating and reheating the same tank of water. The initial purchase and setup can be more expensive, but most homeowners find it pays for itself over a few years’ time through energy savings of up to 40%.

Tankless water heaters are designed to be highly efficient and only heat water when it’s needed and provide all the hot water you need. They also save space because they can be installed in a closet or any wall in or outside your home. Traditional water heaters can take up to 16 square feet of valuable floor space. 

Single point-of-use tankless water heaters can be installed under a sink or appliance for dedicated use, such as a bathroom or laundry room. Tankless water heaters are about the size of a carry-on suitcase. If you have a hot tub that uses electric heat, a tankless water heater would be ideal.

There are many installers of tankless water heaters in Overland Park. You should select a company that has a solid reputation and the expert skills required for doing your plumbing work in your home. American Home Services is locally owned and operated and have an established customer base found on trust and dependability. We can provide you with all the options available when your traditional water heater needs to be repaired or replaced. Our dedication to our customers and the quality of our service and products sets American Home Services apart from other Overland Park tankless water heater suppliers and installers.

American Home Services is an authorized distributor of Noritz EcoTough™ High-Efficiency Condensing tankless water heaters. Call today to speak with a qualified expert, 913-322-0724, or visit us online at https://www.americanhomeserviceskc.com/.

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Water Filtration System Installation Overland Park

A water filtration system will remove bacteria, heavy metals and chemicals from the water they drink and cook with. Most people don’t think of having the water they drink and use tested regularly. The safest and simplest way to eliminate the worry is to have a home water filtration system installed, in your Overland Park Home.


Chlorine-treated water contains many harmful bacteria, chemicals and other contaminants. Clean water is crucial to maintain a healthy life. Over 70 % of the human body is made up of water; everyone should consume enough water each day for the body to function properly. Drinking clean, pure water is vital to health for drinking, showering, and cooking. Bottled water and unfiltered normal tap water that comes from the water treatment plant of your city straight into your home still has contaminants such as lead and other impurities in it. Water treatment facilities usually add chemicals such as fluoride and chlorine.

There are many benefits of having a water filtration system installed in your home. Instead of buying bottled water you can fill your own safe water bottles with the filtered water. Filtered water is better for skin conditions, such as psoriasis and eczema, especially in children. Unclean water also can make allergies worse. And the list goes on:

  • Save on repair bills for plumbing and appliances that have been damaged by heavy metal exposure, mineral build up and other chemical damage.
  • Use less soap – by softening the water you will use less soap for bathing, washing dishes and laundry. The minerals in hard water prevent the ionic action of soap, minimizing its ability to clean.
  • Remove soap scum buildup on clothes. The chemicals in unclean tap water over time will cause clothes to look dingy and smell bad.
  • Parasites that can cause intestinal and digestive problems are removed by filtration reducing the risk of gastrointestinal diseases.
  • Water filters improve the taste of drinking water by removing the elements, such as lead, chlorine and bacteria. that give it an unpleasant taste and smell.

Three of the most effective water treatment systems for the home are:

An activated carbon filter system is the least expensive; it is usually installed under the kitchen sink. The filter cartridges can be replaced as often as necessary. The activated carbon filters are effective in removing parasites, chemicals and heavy metals that may be present in your home drinking water.

A ion exchange system, also called a cation water softener, uses positively-charged ions to attract negatively-charged ions such as barium, magnesium and calcium, which are harmful metals and can cause damage to our internal organs. It also gives water a bad taste, and plumbing pipes can be damaged after prolonged exposure to magnesium and calcium.

A reverse osmosis system is considered by many to be the most effective home water filtration system. This system uses air pressure to force the water to pass through a semi-permeable membrane, filtering out most of the contaminants. The process can be set to either 5, 6 or 7 stages. Some brands of reverse osmosis systems can process water in 6 or 7 stages, and are able to produce between 50 – 90 gallons of alkaline water per day.

There should be no reason for drinking unsafe, unhealthy water in Overland Park. American Home Services offers the best drinking water and the largest variety of water treatment products and services available for your home or business including water softeners, water filtration systems, reverse osmosis drinking water systems, equipment installation, and repair service. We proudly feature RainSoft products that provide bottle-quality, crystal clear water for drinking and cooking. These systems are built to last and we have the best trained and experienced service technicians in the industry.

Call us today at 913-322-0724 or visit us online at https://www.americanhomeserviceskc.com/watertreatment/

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Avoid Holiday Furnace Repairs and Replacements – Overland Park, KS

American-Home-Services-furnace-Repair-Furnace-replacement-Holiday-BlogFurnace repairs and replacements can be very expensive and with the holidays approaching, you want to avoid unwanted expenses with a little bit of prevention. Winter is here and these are the months when you want adequate heat in your home. If your furnace is old or wasn’t installed properly, breaking down in the middle of winter is inconvenient, not to mention expensive. If you want to avoid paying several hundred dollars for furnace repairs, there are things you can do to expand the lifespan of your furnace and head off expensive repairs.

With regard to your home’s HVAC system, keeping up with preventative maintenance just makes good sense. By changing the filter on your furnace regularly, you can prevent damage to your unit and it’s very affordable to buy a few air filters to have on hand so you can switch them out every month. $20 now will save you hundreds in the cost of furnace repairs in the future. If you plan ahead and schedule a maintenance appointment and work it into your budget, it won’t hurt so bad if you get hit with unexpected expenses for furnace repairs. 

When you do decide to call a professional, you should hire a quality HVAC contractor. Just because the guy gives you the cheapest quote doesn’t mean he’s the guy to do the right job for you. He might be able to save you a few dollars up front, but over time, it’s not unusual for the sloppy work to catch up and you’re going to be hit with costly furnace repairs eventually.

Serving residents of Kansas City, KS, Leavenworth, KS, Belton, MO, Kansas City, MO, and other communities throughout Kansas and Missouri, American Home Services, offers convenient and cost-effective maintenance, inspections and tune-ups so you won’t unexpectedly find yourself without heat in the dead of winter. Our skilled technicians are trained to address any issue with any brand of furnace. We will make sure that your furnace is up and running, and your home is warm and comfortable, as soon as possible.

For dependable furnace repairs in Overland Park, American Home Services LLC is the one to call. Take advantage of our special, limited time offer of a furnace tune up for $69. (Expires 12/31/17)



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Water Softener Installation

A water softener softens your water by removing the minerals calcium and magnesium and replacing them with the softer minerals sodium and potassium. Homeowners may want to consider having a water softener installed if the existing ‘hard’ water is causing problems.

While hard water is not a risk to your health, it can affect other aspects of your daily life. Hard water can cause the dishes you just washed to be covered with a cloudy residue and spots, and the water in the shower leaves a film on everything; soaps and detergents do not dissolve completely in hard water, and they become less effective, laundry becomes discolored and your hair loses its shine looking dull and unattractive.

Another problem with hard water is that it can shorten the life of some of your household appliances, necessitating costly repair bills or even replacement because calcium and magnesium deposits cause a scaly build up of mineral deposits in your plumbing pipes, and reduces the flow of water to the faucets and appliances.

Water Softener Installation Components American Home Services Overland Park Kansas CityA water softener will change all that by getting rid of the calcium and magnesium, making your hair healthier looking and softer; even your skin will feel softer and more moist because the hard water is no longer drying it out. However, some sodium will remain in the softened water and may be a problem if you are on a sodium-restricted diet. But it’s a quick fix by installing a separate water dispenser that will bypass the water from the water softener at the tap.

A water softener is a device that changes hard water to soft water in a process called ion exchange. The water softener contains a mineral tank, sometimes called a brine tank, that is filled with small polystyrene beads known as resin or zeolite. These beads carry a negative charge. Calcium and magnesium carry a positive charge, and when hard water moves into the tank the calcium and magnesium ions move to the beads, replacing sodium ions. Sodium ions have a positive charge, too, but are not as strong, so when the strong brine solution is flushed through the tank with beads that are already saturated with calcium and magnesium, the sodium ions drive the calcium and magnesium ions off the beads, and will regenerate and flush the system of excess ions until it has recharged them with new sodium ions.

Most water softeners have an automatic regenerating system that uses an electric timer that flushes and recharges the system on a set schedule. When enough water has passed through the mineral tank to have depleted the beads of sodium, the computer triggers regeneration. Some water softeners have a reserve resin capacity, making some soft water available during the period when it is recharging. Other types use a water meter that measures water usage and facilitates recharging. The advantages of the types of regeneration methods varies with each method.

Simply put, if you have hard water, you should probably install a water softener. At the very least, a water softener will improve the taste of your drinking water. At American Home Services we install water softener systems for residents of Kansas City, Leavenworth, Belton, Overland Park and other communities in Kansas and Missouri. We offer sales and service of RainSoft systems, and have the best prices and warranties in the industry.

Contact us today at American Home Services, LLC., 913-322-0724 or on our website at https://www.americanhomeserviceskc.com/

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Fall Furnace Tune-Up – Overland Park

You should have a furnace tune-up before the first use of the season. The weather in Overland Park is changing every day. Cold one day, warm the next. Don’t wait until something goes wrong to have your furnace tested, checked and tuned up. When the temperature starts to drop outside, the furnace should be inspected. The furnace has had the entire summer and fall to generate a new problem that might not be noticed until it is turned on again during the winter. Having a furnace tune-up before its first use of the winter will ensure that it is safe for the cold months where it is used the most.

american home services fall furnace tune-upHomeowners can conduct a preliminary inspection themselves by starting outside. Take a close look at the area around the HVAC unit. There should be no plants, weeds or bushes obstructing the flow of air in and around the unit, so trim back plant growth and clear a path all around the unit. By the end of summer the condensing coils have probably accumulated dirt and debris which can restrict proper airflow, making it inefficient to operate and leading to more expense. You can clean the coils by spraying with a garden hose.

The furnace components inside require seasonal inspections and maintenance; different systems having different needs. A professional should do your furnace tune-up to ensure any issues are recognized and corrected. Thermostats may need to be replaced, corrosive buildup may need to be corrected, wiring replaced. There are any number of other issues that can arise requiring furnace tune-up or repairs.

Getting a furnace tune-up can make the difference in how long it functions adequately. Once winter arrives you are going to want to turn on the furnace to keep warm. It’s not going to do you much good if the furnace isn’t working properly, causing more than a little aggravation and discomfort. Call American Home Services to schedule a furnace tune-up today. 913-322-0724, or visit us online at https://www.americanhomeserviceskc.com/

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Water Heaters – Which One is Right for YOUR Overland Park, KS Home?

Water Heaters American Home Services Overland Park

Water heaters are a basic component in a home and not something that most of us give a lot of thought to until something goes wrong. The lifetime for a water heater is 10 – 15 years and usually comes with a warranty, some with limited time, most with a lifetime warranty. Homeowners should periodically have the water heater inspected to check for mineral buildup and other functions. When it’s time to replace the entire unit, you have options available to find the best fit for your needs.

People usually choose a water heater based on how many gallons of water they hold compared to the size of the family and predicted amount of use. A smaller family unit will use less hot water than a larger family, for instance. In addition to showers, you will use hot water for laundry and dish washing, so keep all that in mind when determining the size of water heater you will need.

Newer water heaters are more energy-efficient. They are more expensive to purchase but will save money over time. Upgrading to a larger capacity water heater could reduce your utility bill by 25% to 50%, depending on the type of water heater. Consult with a professional service and supply company or the manufacturer to check out current regulations and water heater ratings.

There are several types of water heaters to consider, depending on how much hot water you expect to use and your power source – gas, oil or electricity. Storage-tank water heaters which consist of an insulated tank where water is heated and stored are the most common type used. The temperature and pressure is controlled by a valve, and is preset, and can be adjusted as needed.

tankless water heaters

A tankless water heater uses heating coils. It is more energy-efficient than a storage tank model, but the drawback is that it has a limited flow of hot water —about 3.5 gallons per minute. On-demand water heaters are best for people who aren’t drawing water for more than one use at a time, such as running a shower and a load of laundry at the same time. This type of water heater also works best with natural gas. Natural gas water heaters typically use less energy and the cost to run is about half that of electric water heaters.

Heat pump water heaters, or hybrids, capture heat from the air and transfer it to the water, and use about 60% less energy than a traditional electric water heater. They cost more initially to purchase, but savings in energy costs over time makes them a good choice, however, they have more specific requirements for ultimate effectiveness. A professional installer can advise you on the requirements for these types of water heaters.

American Home Services sells, services and installs high quality water heaters, offering Noritz EcoTough™ High-Efficiency Condensing tankless water heaters and A.O. Smith gas and electric water heaters with a variety of different options for the homeowner.

To find out more about water heaters in the Overland Park and greater Kansas City area, see us at https://www.americanhomeserviceskc.com/ or call 913-322-0724 to have a technician visit your home.


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The Benefits of a Water Softener – Kansas & Missouri

What are the benefits of installing a water softener in your home or business? American Home Services offers the RainSoft water treatment system, a leader in the industry for treating, filtering and softening water in homes and businesses in the Kansas City area. You might say we know a thing or two about hard water and the effectiveness of a water softener.

Water is an element of nature that works as a solvent picking up minerals such as calcium and magnesium as it passes through the soil and retaining those minerals in high concentrations. Water that is high in mineral content is considered to be ‘hard’ water. 85% of the United States has hard water, and the area we live in has some of the hardest water in the country. This leads to mineral buildup, or scaling, in water lines, pipes and household and business equipment that uses water.Water Softener Hard Water American Home Services Kansas City

Hard water is not a risk to a person’s health, but it does contribute to other problems. The scaly buildup inside pipes, water heaters, coffee makers, respiratory equipment, irons, and industrial equipment that requires the use of water to operate properly causes this equipment to malfunction and fail. That’s why it is often suggested you use mineral-free water for these types of appliances. The high concentration of minerals in hard water also cuts the effectiveness of synthetic detergents causing a filmy buildup on dishware and turning laundry dingy and gray. Mineral buildup restricts the flow through the pipes and is a poor conductor of heat, and in equipment such as water heaters decreases function and can lead to higher costs for energy as well as the cost of replacement and repairs.

‘Soft’ water contains few or no extra mineral elements. It can be naturally occurring, but is most often obtained after being treated with a water softener. This is a type of equipment designed to remove the naturally occurring minerals that make the water hard. There needs to be a balance in the hardness of the water and a water softener provides that balance. If the mineral content of the water is too low, it can deteriorate metal hand rails and ladders in swimming pools, stains concrete, vinyl and fiberglass materials and reduces the effectiveness of chlorine. Calcium chloride is often used in pool maintenance to increase the hardness of water in the pool. One of the most common ways to reduce the hardness of water is distillation. Another is reverse osmosis, but the most common way is by the addition of a chemical water softener. Conventional water-softener appliances require ion-exchange resin – when the ions are exchanged for sodium ions – so sodium replaces the calcium and/or magnesium in the water.

A RainSoft water softener from American Home Services LLC will eliminate hard water nuisances and enhance the quality of the water in your home in Kansas City, KS, Leavenworth, KS, Belton, MO, Kansas City, MO, or another nearby community in Kansas or Missouri. To save money on repair and replacement of equipment in your home or business, contact AHS for a free consultation. 913-322-0724, or visit us online at https://www.americanhomeserviceskc.com/.

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AC Repair – Fall Maintenance – Overland Park

A general rule-of-thumb for AC repair and maintenance is to have the system checked out twice a year – once in the spring and again in the fall. Doing this ensures proper function during the highest-use periods. At American Home Services, we have found that the best time for AC repair just may be in the fall – after the heat of the summer is no longer a concern and before the frigid winter temperatures won’t force you to make any hasty decisions based on extreme weather.

American Home Services AC Repair couponBy taking care of AC repair or replacement after the summer ends, you have time to search for the best qualified technicians available, and after the demands of summer are past, technicians will more readily be available. In the fall is also an ideal time to consider upgrading your entire HVAC system when some of the best deals can be found. If your your system is getting older, or if you have had some problems recently, you might want to take some time to explore your options for a new HVAC system in preparation for winter.

If your system is outdated, a new, high-efficiency system could save energy and money. When it gets cold outside, you don’t want to be left wishing you had paid more attention to your HVAC system. You can avoid costly AC repair by taking the time this fall to get an inspection and tune-up, or to replace your old system. American Home Services will send our trained professionals to conduct a full inspection of your system, looking for any potential issues to ensure your unit is prepared for winter.

This inspection will include replacing the filters, cleaning, balancing and calibrating the thermostat, cleaning the condenser and evaporator coils, the compressor unit and the housing, and checking and cleaning drains and tubing. They will also lubricate fans and motors. A thorough inspection and preventive maintenance can extend the life of your unit, making sure your HVAC system is working when you need it to be, and saving you the expense of AC repair and higher energy bills in the coming months. Don’t be caught off guard by sudden winter temperatures – call American Home Services today to schedule a checkup for your entire system this fall. 913-322-0724, or check us out online.

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American Home Services HVAC Homeowner Guidelines

American Home Services offers complete HVAC (Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning) services throughout the Kansas City metro. A properly running system is essential to your safety, well-being and comfort, and in order to maintain a smoothly running system and save on expensive repairs, we offer a few suggestions for maintenance and care of your heating and cooling system.

HVAC systems are responsible for keeping our homes and businesses cool and comfortable. If they are neglected and do not receive proper maintenance, they can and do break down. This can often be avoided by adhering to a few practices that will make your unit operate efficiently for many years.

1 – Inspect the HVAC duct-work

Have the duct-work of your HVAC system inspected periodically for leakage. Usually concealed above the ceiling, duct-work is not visible, and is easy to forget about. Undetected leaks, especially over a long period of time, can cause water damage to walls and ceilings. This also encourages mold and other harmful pathogens to grow in the ducts, polluting the internal atmosphere of your space and posing health hazards.

2 – Insulate so your HVAC System doesn’t have to work so hard

Insulating your home or business will create a more comfortable temperature inside because the cool air is kept inside. Your HVAC system will not have to work continuously in order to cool the space, and this will save on energy costs and wear and tear on your unit.

American Home Services HVAC system homeowner guidelines

3 – Install programmable thermostat for your HVAC system

Installing a programmable thermostat will make your HVAC unit turn off and restart again automatically, significantly decreasing energy consumption and the carbon generated by your unit. American Home Services can install a new, efficient digital thermostat to help maximize heating and cooling of your home or business.

4 – Check your HVAC manufacturer’s warranty

The HVAC manufacturer’s warranty has specific criteria for service and repair of your unit. You should follow those guidelines by hiring certified and licensed professionals to work on your system. Cutting corners by hiring unqualified service providers can cost you more in the long run.

5 – Change your HVAC filters

Air filters improve the quality of the air in your home or office by filtering out dust particles and harmful pathogens before it is transferred to your rooms by the duct-work. Clean air filters should be installed at least twice a year, and sometimes more often if particular circumstances warrant it. They are inexpensive and can benefit you in many ways. American Home Services technicians can promptly change out these filters for you.

Whatever type of  HVAC system you have, it is a complex system designed to perform well and last through years of use. When you need routine tune-up, troubleshooting and repair, or a brand-new unit, American Home Services has reliable technicians who are trained and licensed to install, maintain and repair a full-range of heating and cooling equipment.

To learn more about our dependable service, or to schedule a repair or tune-up, please contact American Homes Services today. We’re pleased to serve homeowners throughout the Kansas City, KS, and Kansas City, MO, area.

Up to 60 months 0% Financing – Refer a Friend, Earn $100 – Accredited by BBB, Angie’s List

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Water Heater – Turn Down Or Turn Off?

American Home Services Water heater temperatureHave you given any thoughts to changing the temperature settings on your water heater or turning it off entirely when you are not using it? Most people, once the water heater is installed and running, don’t give it another thought – as long as there is hot water for household use and showers, you’re happy. But it’s a good idea, in the Summertime, to turn it down or turn it off – for a couple of reasons.

You really don’t need the water heater to run so much; for one thing, the hotter Summer temperatures outside keeps the water in the pipes warmer. And because the water heater is the second largest user of energy, second to your HVAC system, it can significantly increase your energy bills. And even though water heaters are well insulated, a small amount of heat still will escape when the tank is full of hot water, and although the increase in cost isn’t really a lot, it still adds up, and it’s money you can be saving.

The U. S. Department of Energy has conducted studies that state you can save by turning down the temperature settings by just 10 degrees. You can reduce energy use (about 5%) and save money (about $2) by turning it completely off. That may not seem like much, but it does add up. Just making a minor adjustment to the temperature will save you money and conserve on energy use. And if you’re thinking that you’ll end up using more energy to heat the water back up after it has cooled down, that isn’t really the case, because you are paying to heat the water anyway, whether it’s right before use or by heating it and letting it sit until the next time you use it. It just makes good sense to turn the water heater off when you don’t need the hot water.

Vacation times and business trips, when you are going to be away from home, you should always turn off the water heater, except in winter, when you will need to set the temperature at a high enough degree to keep the pipes from freezing.

Now that you have decided to take our advice and turn down or turn off the water heater, you may be asking yourself – how do I do that? A water heater has an On/Off disconnect switch – just turn it on a half hour before you plan to use the hot water. Then turn it back off after it has heated and before your shower – this is because if you don’t, the water heater will start heating new water to fill the tank, causing escaped heat – remember, you’re trying to avoid this. This can actually be a frustrating process if you’re unfamiliar with doing these types of things, and you may choose to call a professional for help. Your water heater requires service at least once a year anyway, so you can accomplish that at the same time. Additionally, if you don’t want the hassle of turning your water heater on and off manually, you can have an automated timer installed – you will need to weigh the cost of having a timer installed against the small savings on your energy bill.

American Home Service of Lenexa has a crew of professionals who have knowledge and skills to quickly and easily assist you with the water heater temperature in your home. Just call us today for an appointment and we’ll get the job done right.

Phone (913) 322-0724 

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