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Keeping Your Air Conditioner in Optimal Condition

"The best things in life require time." While this phrase is true, another adage is perhaps just as important – the best things in life require maintenance. If you have possessed any object of value, from your car to your laptop, you know that it takes careful and regular maintenance to keep these items in tip-top condition.

Similarly, your air conditioning unit always needs to be checked at least annually, if not more often, in order for the parts to stay functional. Some parts, such as your AC’s coils, filters, and fans are especially prone to malfunction due to accumulated dust and grime. The longer you wait to have a maintenance check-up, the more repairs you will need to make, and the more likely your AC will be damaged in the long run. In addition, malfunctioning AC units cost a lot more to run, which in turn only increases the amount of money you are spending monthly on energy usage. Instead of delaying, call American Home Services immediately. Our experienced team will provide you with the highest possible quality of AC maintenance and tune ups in Lenexa.

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Why Everyone Needs AC Maintenance

You might be wondering to yourself whether it is really necessary to have maintenance on your AC unit. After all, so long as it is sitting safely in the basement during the winter months, no harm could come to it, right? Unfortunately, merely "sitting" is no guarantee for AC safety at all – in fact, the accumulated dust could make it malfunction even more. There are many advantages to getting regular AC maintenance.

Just a few of the benefits of frequent tune-ups include:

  • Decreased costs for repairs – A primary advantage of having your air conditioner maintained regularly is that our experienced technicians can quickly identify minor issues before they become major problems. If you fix or replace parts from your AC early on, you will find that this costs a lot less than a unit that has completely broken down from a delay of repairs.
  • A greater lifespan – Recent studies have demonstrated that the life of your cooling system can be extended up to twice as long as initially predicted, but only if you get frequent check-ups. Your unit's performance has been proven to work far more effectively if your air filters have been cleaned and replaced on a regular basis. Our technicians will also examine the belts, pumps, and fans of your units, checking that the entire system is smoothly working at peak conditions.
  • Lowered costs of energy usage – If your air conditioner has malfunctioning parts, or is even just dirty, it has to work several times harder, which in turn means it has to use a lot more power. As we all know, the more labor your AC is forced to do, the higher your energy bill will be, even though you are still experiencing the same amount of cooling. In contrast, a well-maintained unit is very efficient at using a low rate of consumed energy.

Get in Touch with Our Reliable Technicians

Here at American Home Services, we are determined to support you in all of your AC maintenance and tune-up needs in Lenexa. You deserve a long-lasting air conditioning unit, and we are ready to help keep yours functioning at the highest level. Check out our current specials for more information on our $89 AC tune-up deal.

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