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Can you remember the last time your home was installed with a powerful, new AC unit? If you can't, then the chances are that your current air conditioning unit is simply too old. Even though you may use some fans and smaller portable AC units to slightly increase the coolness in your house, we all know that this is not only a major hassle, but also a pretty ineffective method of retreating from the summer heat. And we know that in Kansas, our summers can be extremely scorching!

This is why the best way to combat the sweltering heat is by getting a reliable AC installation in Lenexa. When it comes to quality, you know that you can count on our superior work ethic at American Home Services. Our team of trained experts are ready to help you either replace an old, outdated model, or install a brand new one if you have just moved into your home. We can help you select one that works to not only keep your home cool, but one that greatly reduces your monthly utility bills.

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The Advantages of Installing a New Air Conditioner

Perhaps you are purchasing a home that has never been fitted with a stellar AC unit, or maybe the current system in your home is on its last legs due to old age. Regardless of your situation, there are many benefits of getting a new air conditioner.

If your current AC unit is over 10 years old, you should consider installing a new AC. Some of the benefits you will enjoy from this decision include:

  • A lot of savings on your monthly bills – While we know that some homeowners are initially worried about the cost of replacing or installing another air conditioning unit, the fact of the matter is that new air conditioners will save you a ton of money. Our customers have repeatedly been delighted by the fact that they save so much on their energy bills. This is because modern air conditioners are far more efficient and require much less time to cool down the same amount of space.
  • More reliable comfort – Having a dependable air conditioner is what will allow you to experience full-time comfort. If you are tired of your room constantly changing from hot to cold and back, you will greatly enjoy how our new AC systems distribute air evenly. This means that every single occupant in the house can be comfortable in a consistent way.

Professional Guidance on Replacements

Since it can sometimes be difficult to decide whether a Lenexa AC replacement or a repair is the best solution, you should always contact American Home Services for a free consultation. Our knowledgeable team is fully experienced at analyzing whether your unit needs a minor repair or a brand-new installation. Depending on the age, condition, previous repair history, and its performance, there could be a hidden problem deep within the system. Trust our experts to guide you with the utmost dependability. Check out our current specials!

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