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How to Prepare Your Home for the Holidays

The holidays are coming up, and this year we need holiday cheer more than ever.

When it’s your turn to host, it can create an excess of holiday stress. You’re in charge of making sure everyone is healthy, stocking up on food, decorating, and most importantly, making your home comfortable for guests.

While we don’t have an award-winning stuffing recipe or a DIY popcorn string tutorial, American Home Services knows comfort. So, here are four ways you can make your home guest-ready for the holiday season.

Air Purification Services

One of the largest environmental health hazards Americans face is air pollution. Air pollutants can be more harmful than we know and cause allergies, infections, and severe respiratory issues, among other long-term damage to your organs. This holiday, don’t rely on your furnace’s filter to keep you safe. Furnace filters only catch large particles while allowing the more harmful organisms to pass through into your home.

American Home Services is a proud distributor for the Lennox PureAir Whole-Home air purification system. Lennox is used nationwide in schools, hospitals, hotels, and government facilities, so you know you’re getting the highest quality air that eliminates these contaminants:

  • Dust, pet dander, and pollen
  • Viruses, mold spores, and bacteria
  • Chemical vapors
  • Strong odors from paint and cleaning supplies
  • Any other harmful substance between 0-100 microns

By installing a PureAir purification system, your guests will be breathing easily through all the holiday fun, and you’ll continue enjoying the benefits of clean air into the new year.

Drinking-Water Test

The water in your home may seem harmless as you’ve become accustomed to it. However, experts strongly suggest getting a water quality test once a year to make sure you’re getting the cleanest and safest water possible for your family that is free of unpleasant tastes, odors, and floating particles. You may schedule a water test at your convenience that is quick yet thorough, and if necessary, helps us recommend which water purifying system is right for you.

What better time to test this year than right before hosting for the holidays? Impress your guests with crystal clear and refreshing water to wash down their milk and cookies.

Water Softener Systems

Just like your drinking water, water quality in the shower, laundry room, or while doing dishes might be easy to ignore for a while. But over time, hard water, or water with an excessively high level of calcium, magnesium, and other minerals, can do a fair bit of damage.

Long term, hard water can cause:

  • Dry skin and hair
  • Build-up on plumbing fixtures
  • Stained sinks, bathtubs, and dishes
  • Faded clothing
  • A rise in water bills

Calling the experts to install a water softener will make holiday cleaning easier and provide your guests with soft, clean water while in your home!


Two of the biggest food-related holidays are coming up. Can you imagine your garbage disposal going out with a sink full of cranberry sauce? Or a water leak that drenches your Christmas tree?

Plumbing issues arise when you least expect them, and they’re never convenient. Over the holidays, there are longer wait times for parts to arrive, and more shops are closed, so a plumbing emergency becomes even more of a waiting game and an inconvenience.

Whether you’re having a large gathering or an intimate, family holiday, you want to avoid any hiccups if possible by calling a plumber to do a check-up on your home. This way, they can spot any small issues and stop them in their tracks before getting worse.

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