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KC Family Learns How Their Tap Water Was Negatively Affecting Their Lives

Faucet Drip 1 By Eric Norris most people in the Kansas City metro, Jay Starr and his family only used unfiltered tap water for all their household needs. What Jay didn’t realize was the negative effects that water was contributing to in his family’s life.
Jay comments, “In our house we have four children and two adults. Everyone suffered from extremely dry skin. I was also utterly disgusted about the amount of chlorine and hardness in our water.”
He isn’t alone.

Did You Miss The Memo?

There’s a huge movement sweeping the nation for cleaner water. Ten years ago the idea of Americans purchasing drinking water other than tap water was way out there; ok, it seemed a little weird, maybe paranoid and if anything too upperclass. But in just a few short years the pendulum has swung the other way and it’s become more than commonplace. Have you noticed the water dispensers in grocery stores, water kiosks and tea shops offering purified water? Americans are feeling the pain of their water quality being lower than they’d like, and it’s creating a huge demand for cleaner water.
In fact, a survey by the Water Quality Association found that three-quarters of Americans don’t believe their household water supply is as safe as it could be. And in a recent USA Today/CNN/Gallup Poll, 47 percent of respondents reported they won’t drink water straight from the tap.
There are number of reasons Americans are getting fed up with status quo of water purity. Some are tired of drinking bad tasting water (who wouldn’t be?) Others have caught on to living healthy and have personal problems with drinking chlorine, fluoride and arsenic. And then there’s the dry and itchy skin, water-spotted dishes, faded clothes, drain stains and mineral buildup around faucets.

I Thought The Government Regulated Drinking Water

Drippy By Lucas Policastro most communities’ water supplies meet EPA Primary Drinking Water Standards, they are only standards (meaning with set acceptable levels). Most tap water still contains arsenic, fluoride, chlorine and a host of other unhealthy toxins and still meet EPA standards. Your water can also still pick up impurities and contaminants not controlled by your city’s water supplier while traveling from a treatment plant to your faucet through pipes.

What’s Acceptable By The EPA Primary Drinking Water Standards?


This is not a joke. Arsenic is a very toxic heavy metal classified by the International Academy for Research on Cancer (IARC) as a Category I carcinogen, which means it is definitely a cancer causing agent. Arsenic occurs naturally in the environment but humans have a hand in its presence as well. The EPA set the acceptable standard for arsenic at 10 parts per billion in tap water. Several US states in the Midwest, New England and western area exceed this standard from time to time.


Remember your parents telling you, “don’t swallow your toothpaste?” One of the most toxic substances we know of is fluoride and yet it is found in almost all brands of toothpaste. Today you can find fluoride in bottled water, and even baby formula. Tap water is actually fluoridated, meaning it’s added to water deliberately, notwithstanding it’s almost as poisonous as arsenic is, and more toxic than lead. This substance is so toxic that the fluoridation process has been banned in several countries. Even some U.S. cities have caught on and started rejecting the process of fluoridation.


Chlorine is added to water to kill certain bacteria. This chemical can be inhaled in gas form and absorbed through the skin and therefore presents a danger even if you’re present in the room with it, to say nothing of drinking it. Once in the human body, it bonds with other compounds to form Trihalomethanes (THMs). These byproducts trigger the production of free radicals in the body and cause serious cell damage. In one research study, chlorine and chloramine was added to rats’ water supply and as a result the rats developed tumors in the liver kidneys and intestines.
Due to the presence of these contaminants some people may be more vulnerable than others to potential harm caused by the water contaminants, including:

  • People undergoing chemotherapy
  • People with HIV/AIDS
  • Transplant patients
  • Children and infants
  • Pregnant women and their fetuses

Don’t Forget Everything In Between

Even if your tap water leDon't poison our water sign By Jeremy Buckingham  aves a treatment plant meeting EPA standards, your tap water can also become contaminated as a result of breaks in the water line and from deteriorating pipes. One of the biggest problems in pipe contamination is lead getting into the water from the pipes themselves. Even ”lead-free” pipes can contain as much as 8% lead. Other various types of unwanted pollutants can also enter your water through cracks in aged pipes as it travels leaving you with noticeable odors and a bad taste. Sound familiar?

The Starr Family’s Simple Solution

Jay and family ended up finding a solution that worked for them. “We scheduled a free water test,” he says, “during the presentation the whole family got involved and one-by-one everyone did a comparison hand wash; our right hand with our tap water and the left with the Rainsoft conditioned water. The results of the test shocked everyone!”
Jay goes on to describe the difference, “It felt like we had put lotion on one hand and the other felt extremely dry and gritty. We all were a little confused. Since we were wondering why there was such a difference the Rep took his time to explain exactly why there is such a big difference and then followed it up with visual proof.”
There was one final thing hurdle for the Starrs to justify installing a Rainsoft system – the cost. Jay describes he and his wife’s thought process in the situation, “After the very informative presentation my wife and I were still a little concerned about affording the system.…after sitting with the Rep and detailing our expenses every month for cleaning supplies we realized that Rainsoft would actually be saving us money every month! We signed up that day and scheduled an install for the next day.”

Sometimes You’ve Got To Do It Yourself

In a time where public works are facing financial deficits, the nation’s water infrastructure is aging and the EPA allows “safe” levels of toxins in our water you might be better off personally making sure your water is clean. That’s what Jay and millions of other Americans are doing.
water softeners installed by our hvac technicians“Immediately after being installed there was a mad dash to the bathrooms to be the first to shower in crystal clean water. The benefits started showing immediately. Our skin is softer, clothes look brighter, the water tastes better, the house is cleaner and I have peace of mind that our appliances and water heater will be operating optimally.”

How Clean Is Your Water?

Your well being is so important to us that we’ll send an employee to test your water for you entirely free. There’s absolutely no commitment and no high pressure sales. Just the truth about what’s coming out of your faucet. We’ll let you make your own decisions.
“The experience my family had with Rainsoft from start to finish was superb. Kind, friendly and professional are the words I use to describe American Home Services. I have and will continue to recommend Rainsoft and American Home Services to my family and friends! Customer for life!” – Jay Starr.