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Whiteboard Video On Overland Park Furnace Repair & Carbon Monoxide

Homeowners interact with a number of dangerous components in their house everyday without realizing it. Furnaces can be one of those things. Over time, the United States has developed stringent guidelines for the manufacturing and installation of appliances like furnaces, meaning that most people never have to worry about the dangers involved with having a furnace in your home that is not taken care of. What starts as a tiny problem can turn into a gas leak, a carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide leak, the latter of which can leave you poisoned. While most people are aware of the deadly risks these scenarios can pose, not everyone realizes that the reason for these issues is a broken furnace.
The heat exchanger in your furnace can crack as it ages. This is what can result in carbon monoxide leaks that kill. This results in roughly 10,000 carbon monoxide injuries each year, and on average 430 deaths annually. Carbon monoxide is odorless, making it extremely dangerous and difficult to detect. Just having an Overland Park furnace repair company come out and tune up your furnace could save you and your loved ones from a serious hazard this coming winter. There won’t be anything to worry about when you hire a pro to make sure your furnace is safe and functioning properly.
Carbon monoxide leaks don’t always kill people. Sometimes there are other consequences people face. Even low level carbon monoxide leaks can cause serious and permanent damage, particularly in the elderly and infants. People experience nausea, headaches, exhaustion, disorientation, or even depression. A little bit of planning with your furnace can save you from inconvenience, but more importantly it can save your life. It’s a small price to pay for what could be a serious disaster if left alone.