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Infographic Video Showing Carbon Monoxide Statistics

If something goes wrong with your furnace it could be toxic and deadly, not to mention expensive to repair. Not every furnace issue is deadly. But if the wrong component malfunctions and cracks, it can be serious for everyone in the home. Each fall and winter, millions will turn on their furnace believing fully that nothing will go wrong. For thousands of people across the country each year, that is not the case.
The heat exchanger in your furnace can crack as it ages. This is what can result in carbon monoxide leaks that kill. This results in roughly 10,000 carbon monoxide injuries each year, and on average 430 deaths annually. Without a detector, it can be nearly impossible to identify a leak as carbon monoxide is odorless. Just having an Overland Park HVAC company come out and tune up your furnace could save you and your loved ones from a serious hazard this coming winter. When you have an expert examine your furnace, you can turn on the heat with added peace of mind this winter.
Not everyone dies from carbon monoxide poisoning when there is a leak. Small amounts of carbon monoxide still cause serious health issues. It is even more dangerous for infants or the elderly. Symptoms include flu-like symptoms, exhaustion, headaches, disorientation or even depression. Some simple foresight can help keep your furnace in proper working order, keep you up to date on anything that needs to be replaced on it, and keep you and your family safe in the meantime. Getting a tune up can give you peace of mind for the winter.