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How Neglecting Lenexa Furnace Repair Can Put Your Family in Danger

Lenexa heating and cooling project 05You make sure to take your car in for tune ups. Your furnace shouldn’t be any different. In order to keep them in working order you have to get them looked at and fixed routinely. Throughout the year, most homeowners totally forget about checking on their furnace, and wouldn’t even know what to look for if they did. Typically, people don’t even think about looking at HVAC in Lenexa until they’re freezing in the middle of winter when their furnace won’t turn on. Just because most people do it doesn’t make it a good idea. In fact, many don’t realize that this decision can have deadly consequences.
The truth is that homeowners interact with a number of dangerous components in their house everyday without realizing it. Furnaces are one of those things. Because of the strict safety standards employed throughout the United States in the manufacturing and installation of home appliances, most people don’t worry about what can go wrong when a furnace is not well cared for. The results can be disastrous, namely in the form of gas leaks, carbon dioxide, and carbon monoxide poisoning. Most homeowners understand the potential for poisoning from carbon monoxide, but not everyone knows that this occurs when a furnace is not repaired.
Forget expensive repairs. Neglecting your furnace can leave you sick or even dead. When a furnace cracks, there are a number of deadly scenarios that can occur. Every year, people go months without having to use their furnace, and they turn it on in full confidence that it will work without any issues. However, for thousands across the country each year that leaves them in trouble.
When the heat exchanger within the furnace becomes cracked, carbon monoxide can leak freely into your home. The numbers are higher than you might think. 10,000 carbon monoxide related injuries occur every year, with over 430 deaths as well. Because carbon monoxide has no smell or color, people often don’t realize there is an issue. That is why it can be a silent killer. Just having a Lenexa furnace repair come out and tune up your furnace could save you and your loved ones from a serious hazard this coming winter. When you have an expert examine your furnace, you can turn on the heat with added peace of mind this winter.
Even if a carbon monoxide leak is small and doesn’t kill you, there are still other consequences to your health. Even low level carbon monoxide leaks can cause serious and permanent damage, particularly in the elderly and infants. Nausea, flu symptoms, headaches, exhaustion and depression are all a part of carbon monoxide poisoning. Some simple foresight can help keep your furnace in proper working order, keep you up to date on anything that needs to be replaced on it, and keep you and your family safe in the meantime. There won’t be anything to worry about once you get a professional tuneup on your furnace.