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$100 @ Home Depot For High Efficiency Referrals

For those of you with older furnaces, it’s the sound you dread all winter. The thermostat clicks, your furnace turns on, and you can feel your bank account getting lighter by the second as your old furnace gobbles up cubic foot after cubic foot of natural gas.
You’d be surprised to learn how many old furnaces are still working in the Kansas City metro. And although you’ve got to give those old machines credit for still kicking, don’t overlook the fact that many of those older models are only around 75% efficient – some even less. That means the owners of those furnaces are spending about 25% more than they could be. And with Kansas City’s cold winter months, that adds up fast.

First, You Need To Get Smart

You’d be surprised at how little the average American knows about a furnace. Think about it. How often do you purchase a furnace? Besides that, most people don’t want risk ruining their furnace or putting their family’s safety in jeopardy by trying to be a DIY furnace repairman. But, when it comes time to replace your unit you’ve got to get up to speed and fast.

AFUE – The Four Letter Acronym That Really Means MONEY

If you’ve done any shopping around for a furnace you’ll probably hear these four letters, “AFUE” which stands for “Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency.” It’s a measure of a furnace’s efficiency and performance. The higher the AFUE rating, the lower your fuel costs. Most modern furnace ratings range from 80% to 95%. That means between 20% to 5% (depending on your model) of the natural gas your furnace is using still gets wasted.
overland park furnace installation high efficiency

Single Stage Vs. Variable-Speed – Get Maximum Control

A single stage furnace is either on at full blast, or off. It’s comparable to your one speed self propelled lawn mower that has no in between speeds. For a furnace that means it’s loud when it suddenly turns on to maximum speed and you need to be happy with all or nothing at all times. Not the best option. A variable speed furnace quietly ramps up to speed, so there are no loud blasts of air at start-up or any other point of operation. After it’s running it can automatically make adjustments as necessary to allow maximum fuel efficiency.

Here’s The Deal

At American Home Services we care about people. We know the importance of keeping your utility bills low and your family safe. That’s why we’re offering a great fall price for our 98.5% AFUE high efficiency Lennox furnace. We also appreciate the value of a referral, so whoever sends a new furnace client our way through a Facebook share we’ll give you a $100 home depot gift card – that has to be the easiest hundred dollars you’ll ever make.
SLP98V high efficiency furnace

Waste Less, Save More
Efficiency rating of up to 98.7% AFUE can save you over $800 dollars each year**, compared to standard furnaces. Compared to a standard furnace, it can dramatically lower your utility costs.

No More Loud Furnace
And because it’s engineered to be virtually silent— even when running at full capacity—it’s also the quietest furnace you can buy.

Total Control
Precise Comfort® technology adjusts fan speed, heat and airflow capacity in increments as small as 1% for the ultimate in temperature control.
The quietest and most efficient furnace you can buy!
Imagine a furnace that not only makes you feel perfectly comfortable, but will make you feel even better about your decision month after month. That’s the power of the SLP98V, which uses exclusive Precise Comfort® technology to significantly reduce your heating costs.
Variable-capacity operation works much like the cruise control system of high-performance automobiles, automatically making adjustments as necessary to allow maximum fuel efficiency.
Variable-speed motor provides a quiet and consistent flow of air for an ideal balance of temperature and humidity in your home.
Unlike conventional single-stage furnaces that always run at full speed, the SLP98V’s variable speed blower quietly ramps up to speed, so there are no loud blasts of air at start-up or any other point of operation.
Exclusive SilentComfortTM technology further reduces sound levels. Included in all heating and cooling systems from the Dave Lennox Signature® Collection, this technology combines advanced engineering with sound-absorbing materials to deliver the ultimate in quiet performance.
SilentComfort™ technology combines advanced engineering with sound-absorbing materials to deliver the ultimate in quiet performance