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Keeping Your Water Softener In Overland Park Healthy And Operational

Keeping your water softener in Overland Park healthy and operational is simple!  Simple routine care can often prevent expensive breakdowns and the need for costly repairs.  This can be said for any water filtration in Overland Park, and air conditioning repair in Overland Park.  Any water softener in Overland Park removes minerals from water that can be harmful to you.  This means that you’ll have cleaner laundry, a longer lifespan for water-using appliances, less mineral buildup in plumbing, and more!  With some primary care, it’s simple for keeping your water softener in Overland Park healthy and operational.

  1. Break Up Salt Bridges

A “bridge” of salt can form in the brine tank of your water softener.  It is essentially a fixed crust on top of the salt.  Underneath that bridge, the salt gets used up, but the tank still will look full.  If your water softener isn’t consuming salt like it used to, ram a broom handle down into the tank to break up this “bridge.”

  1. Clean the Resin Bed

If your water contains iron, you will need to pour resin bed cleaner into the brine tank tube once or even twice a year.  Without cleaning correctly, your water softener will eventually lose its ability to remove iron.  This is not good.  Cleaning the resin bed of your water softener is incredibly essential.

  1. Adjust the Softness

Just like water purification in Overland Park, the levels can be adjusted to meet your perfect needs.  Receiving an AC tune-up in Overland Park is essential for optimized potential, and the same principle can be applied to water softener tune-ups.  Most softeners will allow you to remove more minerals or fewer minerals just by turning a simple dial or knob.  The mineral content of your water supply can change over time, so this is something that should always be checked and adjusted accordingly.

  1. Clean Out the Brine Tank

Wait until your salt level is lower than usual, and then scoop out the salty gunk at the bottom of your brine tank.  This is an essential and significant step toward healthy water softener maintenance.  This mush consists of impurities in the salt, which will not dissolve well and can reduce the performance level of your softener.  This should be done annually for healthy routine maintenance is achieved for your water softener.