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Crucial Tips for Home Water Purification in Overland Park

From your tankless water heater in Overland Park to your faucet, water purification plays a vital role in our health and wellness.  Water purification systems, however, can only function properly if they are adequately maintained.  The two most common forms of systems are the reverse osmosis and home water filtration systems and are often not maintained properly.  An absence of proper maintenance can lead to a short lifespan for your system or costly damage done to your system.  Here are some Crucial Tips for Home Water Purification in Overland Park.
water pouring into cup
Replacing The Filters
This applies to both water purification and water filtration in Overland Park.  The frequency of filter replacements depends on the rate of usage and the quality of water from the source.  Highly contaminated water will reduce the lifespan of your filters, which means they will need to be replaced more frequently than not.  Pre-filters and carbon filters should be changed every 6 months.  For filters that only suffer from mild use, they can last as long as two to three years before needing to be replaced.  Water filtration in Overland Park is useless if the filters aren’t replaced regularly.
Regular Cleaning
Cleaning of your water purification system should be completed on a regular basis to remove any dirt or debris from clogging up your system.  Exchanging your filters regularly will also help keep your system clean.  Remember, electronic parts should always be kept dry, but wiping the filter housing, and disassembling the pieces to have better access to unavoidable dirt can clean the rest of your system.  Make sure to read the instruction manual to learn the most effective way to clean your unique system.
Disinfecting The System
Disinfecting your water purification system will help keep your system performing at a high optimized level.  This procedure is best done alongside the other maintenance procedures, and not done independently.   Disinfection is completed with the use of chemicals that you can find readily available at stores, such as chlorine and vinegar.
Disinfecting your unit is not a complicated process.  First, remove the filters and the membrane, replace the housing and run water through the system as then follow this with 6 ounces of chlorine or hydrogen peroxide.  If you are using vinegar or bleach instead, follow the more detailed directions given to you by the manufacturer.
Replacing Water Softeners
If the quality of the water you are getting from your water purification system is not up to your standard, you may want to look into a water softener in Overland Park.  Water softeners use ions to trap minerals, like calcium from the mainstream source.  Softeners contain salts, which are depleted and make your water taste different than usual.  This is a sign that you need to replace your system or filter.  Purchasing a water softener in Overland Park can be a significant next step toward healthier water.
Improving the quality of your water is possible.  Obtaining a healthier level of water is excellent for your skin and intestinal health.  Call American Home Services today for your water purification needs!