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7 Tips To Get Your Furnace Ready For Fall & Winter

Before too long, we will all be breaking out our jackets, wearing gloves, and turning up the heat.  As summer comes to a close, it’s essential to ensure that your furnace is strong and healthy, ready to take on the coldest winter has to offer.  Furnace repair in Overland Park is essential and needs to be maintained regularly to ensure your furnace is ready for the cool months.  Just like air conditioner repair in Overland Park, your furnace requires regular care and attention to avoid costly damages later down the road.  Here are 7 Tips To Get Your Furnace Ready For Fall & Winter, and how to avoid expensive furnace repair in Overland Park.
HVAC Technicians working on Furnace Unit

  1. Turn on The Thermostat

All HVAC companies in Overland Park will tell you, switching from cooling to heating dramatically can damage your unit.  When transitioning from cooler temperatures to warmer temperatures, make sure to set the temperature a few degrees higher than the current room temperature.  This will help your system adjust to the temperature change.
After making this adjustment, if you do not hear the heat kick on within a minute or two, pull the cover off and ensure that the wire connections are snug and secure.  If your heat still won’t start, checking the furnace fan, blow, or heat pump is always helpful.  Remember to always call one of your trusted HVAC companies in Overland Park before attempting to repair an issue on your own.

  1. Change The Air Filters

Most homes have air filters behind vent grills in walls or ceilings, or a single filter in their HVAC system.  These filters need to be changed every few months, no matter the season.  If you have a permanent electrostatic filter, you can wash it and then reuse it.  Cleaning or replacing your air filters regularly is a healthy maintenance practice and can extend your unit’s lifespan.  Changing your humidifier filter is also another helpful, healthy step.  This should always be a step in regular AC tune-up in Overland Park.

  1. Cover the AC Condenser

Unless you have an HVAC unit with a heat pump, cover the condenser to protect it from falling icicles when everything begins to freeze over.  A large trash can lid secured down with a bungee cord is a useful and easy fix to this dilemma.  It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to falling ice.

  1. Clean the Heat Exchanger

Healthy HVAC maintenance requires you to brush and vacuum your heat exchanger.  A trained professional as to avoid potential costly damages should always do this.  Never try this alone with trained assistance.  This is also an excellent time for your repairman to look for any cracks, which could result in dangerous carbon monoxide leakage into your home.

  1. Lubricate & Clean the Blower Motor

Check the owner’s manual before attempting any maintenance checks or repairs on your own, because not all HVAC motors need lubricating.  If it does need to be lubricated, turn off the power, open the cover and clean the caps covering the bearings.  Once you can remove the caps, go ahead and lubricate the bearings.

  1. Test the Igniter Switch

This step is crucial for both furnace and air conditioning repair in Overland Park.  On older systems, you might have to relight the pilot, but newer systems have electronic igniters.  If the igniter is not working correctly, push the reset button.  If it still does not work, check your breaker for any larger electrical issues.

  1. Inspect the Chimney & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Chimneys can hold and collect a lot of carbon buildup, or even in many cases, small animals.  You should always hire a professional to check your chimney for dangerous carbon levels or other causes of danger that could quickly become quite costly.  Carb is often referred to as the “silent killer,” and ensuring your home is rid of it is extremely important.
Whether you have an older HVAC unit or a newer HVAC unit, routine maintenance repairs and checks are essential to ensure your unit has a long, productive lifespan.  Contact American Home Services for all of your air conditioner and furnace needs.