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5 Considerations When Choosing A Filter Or Water Softener

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1. Whole House or Drinking
Do you want to treat just the drinking water at your kitchen tap or your entire home? Water purification in Overland Park is a fantastic way to improve the quality of water you are drinking, but also throughout your home. The best solution is often a combination of both, merging purification with water filtration in Overland Park. Improving the quality of water throughout your home is an excellent step toward a healthier lifestyle! Continue reading the 5 Considerations When Choosing A Water Softener In Overland Park.
2. Are You On A Private Well Or City Water
Reports show that there are approximately 658 boil water alerts issued every day by cities and water districts in the United States due to the contamination of ruptured pipes. Just like having air conditioning repair in Overland Park done, your water systems need inspected and maintained regularly as well. HVAC companies in Overland Park understand how crucial it is to maintain the quality of water coming into your home, and installing water filtration in Overland Park is a significant first step.
3. How Many Bathrooms Are In Your Home
Just like how the size of your house is considered when you have furnace installation in Overland Park, so are the number of rooms needing water when you install a softer or filter. Some water treatment systems are sized based on the maximum water flow rate through your home, so knowing the number of bathrooms in your home is essential.
4. How Many People Are In Your Household
Similar to knowing the number of bathrooms in your home, it’s important to know how many people are using each faucet and bathroom in your home. Some water treatment systems are sized based, and operate off of the understanding of the average total water used in your home. Consult American Home Services today to know what information you need to know before buying a water treatment system.
5. What’s In Your Water
Knowing what’s already in your water will play a huge role in evaluating your water treatment needs. For example, if you have lead in your water, an American Home Service water specialist will better know how to guide you through the water treatment system buying plan. To find out what’s in your water, located an “Annual Water Quality Report” from your local water supplier’s website today!