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Spring Is The Perfect Time For Air Conditioner Repair In Overland Park

While this spring has been colder and later in coming than normal, it finally seems like the weather is steadily warming up and summer is around the corner. Now is the time to tackle many of those outdoor spring cleaning tasks we’ve all been putting off with the cold, windy weather. Chimney cleaning, paint touch ups, window cleaning, and planting flowers are all part of the annual spring cleaning list. This year, we recommend that you also pay some attention to your air conditioning unit, which has most likely been sitting dormant for months and spring is the best time if you’re needing air conditioner repair in Overland Park.
An AC unit neeeding air conditioner repair in Overland Park
If you are certain you will need some air conditioning repair in Overland Park, we are happy to help! However, there are a few basic maintenance tasks you can do yourself. As one of the top HVAC companies in Overland Park, we suggest tackling some of these every fall and spring to make sure your HVAC system is ready to go for winter and summer—the seasons when you need it the most! Here in Kansas, we get some brutally cold days over the winter. When your HVAC system has to fight through the freezing cold all winter, it can have negative impacts on your AC unit as you try to get it started up when the warmer spring weather finally arrives. Before going switching your heat off and your air conditioning on, which can feel like all happens within the same week sometimes, follow our handy check list to make sure that you are not in need of any air conditioner repair in your Overland Park home.
Spring Air Conditioner Checklist:

  1. The first, and easiest, thing to look for is debris or trash around your AC unit. Over the winter, and during the strong winds this spring, it can be easy for leaves, limbs, or trash to blow into your AC unit and get stuck. Also, look for any tall weeds or overgrown plants that are encroaching on your AC unit.
  2. Have you added any external structures, bushes, or plants to try to keep your AC unit discreet? If so, make sure that nothing is blowing the airflow to or from the unit.
  3. Make sure that vents and grills are clear of debris, dirt, dust, and even pet hair. Did you know that you can even vacuum these vents to remove anything that has built up over the winter?
  4. All HVAC companies in Overland Park recommend chasing air filters every couple months. Make sure you change air filters this spring, especially if you have neglected it over the winter.
  5. Your AC unit has a condensate drain line, which helps remove condensation from your air conditioner. Make sure the line is attached to the unit properly and that it flows to a drain. Otherwise, water can easily spill out into your basement.

Once you have completed this handy checklist, it is time to turn on your air conditioner to see if it is running smoothly. Within a few minutes of turning on your unit, you should begin to feel cool air blowing through your vents. If you are not feeling any air flow, or if the air coming out is not cool, or does not cool off within a few minutes, try shutting off your unit, waiting ten to fifteen minutes, and trying again. Once you have tried a second time, if you still are not feeling cold air blowing, you could be in need of air conditioning repair in Overland Park. Turn your unit off, and give American Home Services a call at (913) 380-4545.