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10 Great Energy Saving Tips

Are you in need of air conditioner installation in Overland Park? Try some of these energy saving tips while you wait.
a room cooled by energy saving tips
Spring is finally here, and summer is just around the corner. Here in Kansas, that means your air conditioner will soon be working overtime. Some people try to keep their air conditioning off as long as possible, others are waiting for air conditioning repair in Overland Park, and still, others need brand new air conditioner installation in Overland Park. Whatever the reason, there is typically a time when you need to cool down your home and do not want to, or cannot, use your AC unit. There are four main principles when trying to cool your home, and they can be combined for maximum cooling at minimum cost. They are shade, daylighting, insulation, and energy efficiency (specifically in doors and windows).
Here are some more specific energy saving tips for cooling your home while waiting for air conditioner installation or air conditioner repair in Overland Park.
Home Cooling and Energy Saving Tips
1. Keep shades drawn over windows during the day to block heat from entering your home. Black out shades are especially effective at keeping your home cool.
2. In many areas of your home, window and/or ceiling fans may be enough to keep your room cool.
3. Make sure you are replacing your HVAC system air filters regularly.
4. When using an exhaust fan, typically in bathrooms or kitchens, try not to let it run long term. We recommend turning it off within 20 minutes of use.
5. If your exhaust fans need to be replaced, or if they are older models, replacing them with high-efficiency fans will reduce your energy usage. They are also lower in noise, which is a great benefit as well.
6. If you purchase any new equipment for your HVAC system, make sure you are choosing energy efficient models. The top HVAC companies in Overland Park typically carry and are ready to install energy efficient parts and systems.
7. When you are ready to purchase new products, finding the Energy Star on products will help you ensure you are buying energy efficient models.
8. When you are ready to turn your air conditioner on, setting the thermostat to as warm a temperature as you are comfortable with will help reduce energy usage and save you money.
9. When you do turn your air conditioner on, raising the thermostat temperature at night or while you are out of the house is another way to save energy and money.
10. If your air conditioner is an older model, considering a new air conditioner installation in Overland Park can actually save you money in the long run. New air conditioners are much more energy efficient and use less energy to cool your home.
Here at American Home Services, we are here to help you with all of your HVAC system needs. If you are in need of any air conditioning installation or repair in Overland Park, be sure to give us a call at 913-380-4545.