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The Many Benefits to the Airmaster Ultra Air Purification System

Many homeowners in Overland Park invest in their HVAC system. However, how many have taken the time to consider the air quality that their families are breathing every day? The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) states that in an average home can be up to forty times more polluted than the outside air. We can help! The AirMaster Ultra is an air purification system that works with your Overland Park HVAC to provide you with cleaner, fresher air to your whole house.
The AirMaster Ultra uses a special light technology that combines UV light and ozone to eliminate unpleasant odors and reduce contaminants in the air, like bacteria and mold.
air purifier system from HVAC companies in Overland Park
How Air Purification Works:
Air purification is very different from air filtration. The pictures below help explain the difference. Air filters trap particles that do not fit through the crevices in the filter. Unfortunately, with air filters, particles that are smaller than the holes in the filter pass through unaffected.
In Overland Park, your HVAC system will likely benefit from the use of even just a basic air filter. However, another downside to an air filter compared to an air purifier is that air filters must be changed on a regular basis. Like a bag or filter in your home vacuum cleaner, air filters get clogged up by the dirt and dust they collect. An air purifier, though, reduces the pollutants in the air by cleansing and sterilizing the air. The AirMaster Ultra uses a combination of UV light and ozone to accomplish this feat. The air passes under the UV light, which kills bacteria, mold, and other particles. After this, the air goes through an ozone lamp, which eliminates unpleasant odors from your air.

The AirMaster Ultra works with your current HVAC in your Overland Park home to create pure, clean air constantly and quietly. As an added benefit, there are no dirty filters to remember to change out and dispose of.
Why Do You Need an AirMaster Ultra Air Purification System:
Performance: AirMaster Ultra uses UV light and ozone to kill pollutants and freshen your air. These technologies are both safe and well tested. Additionally, the LED light indicators on the purifier make it easy to ensure your AirMaster Ultra is working properly.
Function: The AirMaster Ultra sterilizes your air and kills germs to keep your air fresh and clean. It also helps in eliminating common household odors.
Reliable: Your AirMaster Ultra requires very little maintenance. The lamps may occasionally need to be changed, but your local Air Conditioner Repair team here at Amercian Home Services can help with that.
Money Saving: The special UV lamps last up to three times longer than a standard bulb, meaning they won’t need to be replaced as often. Additionally, the UV bulbs use significantly less energy than a standard light.
Fail-Safe: The AirMaster Ultra is equipped with special sensors that mean it will only function when there is air flowing through your HVAC system. If your air condition or your furnace is not running, the AirMaster Ultra will stay shut off.
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