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Signs You Need A Water Softener In Overland Park

If you find that your sinks are riddled with stains, and your skin is always dry and itchy, it might be time to install a water softener in Overland Park.  Water softening systems will help to increase the lifespan of your plumbing and your clothes, as well as reducing your home’s budget.  Water filtration in Overland Park is excellent, but a water softener is even better.  Your trusted HVAC companies in Overland Park will be able to guide you toward the right water softener for you.  Here are signs you need a water softener in Overland Park.  

Scale Buildup On Appliances

If you have scale buildup, you most likely have hard water.  Water purification in Overland Park is incredibly important, and this is why.  Mineral deposits can form on tea kettles and even coffee pots if you have hard water.  This clogs your plumbing so much that your house is actually less effective at passing water through the pipes.  

Your Skin & Air Is Dry

Hard water, even with your tankless water heater in Overland Park, can cause your skin and air to be dry.  If you have dry skin and air throughout your house, then you might be struggling with hard water.  Soap and shampoo can only prevent dry skin so much, but a water softener will ensure your dry skin days are behind you!

Stains On Sinks & Bathtubs

Any stains left behind from mineral residue are a sign of hard water.  These stains from when tap water evaporates and leaves behind calcium and magnesium.  You can use a little bit of vinegar and wipe around the base of your sinks and bathtubs to prevent these stains from forming, but a water softener will help ensure these stains stay away for good.  Water purification in Overland Park is essential.