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6 DIY Air Conditioner Repair Tips You Can Do Today

Air Conditioning repair in Overland Park can be costly, and a significant financial burden, especially when constantly returning to the many HVAC companies in Overland Park.  There are times that an expensive repair is unavoidable, but the good news is that there are times where you can repair your air conditioner yourself using these DIY tips.  Repairing your air conditioner repair in Overland Park by yourself can still be dangerous, difficult, or questionable, so don’t hesitate to call your trusted home services consultant today.  Here are 6 DIY air conditioner repair tips you can do today!
adjusting thermostat

  1. Check Your Breaker

Don’t jump to conclusions; it might just be your breaker!  If you have several appliances attached to the same breaker, lights or other things, your breaker might trip and cause your air conditioner not to operate.  This is a quick check, and something most everyone is familiar with, so don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty and check!  Air Conditioning repair is heavily prone to issues like these.

  1. Examine Your Thermostat

Your thermostat can often be an expensive item that is costly to repair if damaged, but there are easy fixes to attempt before calling your trusted air conditioner repair company in Overland Park.  Your thermostat might need new batteries or set too extreme for the particular temperature.  Make sure you set your thermostat to a temperature right below room temperature and make sure the unit is not turned off, or set to where only the fan is operating correctly.

  1. Change Your Filter

A lot of air conditioner repair instances in Overland Park can be avoided by changing or checking your filter.  If your filter is dirty or clogged, it may cause your entire unit not to operate properly, and might even grow to be a costly repair.  Lack of airflow can cause a lack of cooling efficiency throughout the whole system, which will result in your unit overheating and burning up.

  1. Melt Any Ice

Similar to your unit overheating due to a dirty filter, your unit can suffer from too much ice build up throughout the winter season.  If overly iced, your unit will not cool properly, causing overheating and damage.  Melting the ice easy, but can require patience.  Make sure to turn your unit off, and run just the fan to melt the ice quickly.

  1. Clean Your Unit

Regularly cleaning your unit can save you lots of money in the future.  Air conditioners require routine maintenance for optimized performance, and regularly cleaning your unit is a great way to start the maintenance process.  Before requesting air conditioning repair in Overland Park, give it a good clean!  For any questions regarding proper air conditioning cleaning methods and techniques, call one of your trusted HVAC companies in Overland Park today!

  1. Examine The Ducts

This DIY air conditioning maintenance tip is probably the most involved.  To properly examine your ducts, you must climb into your attic and make sure that air is flowing out of all of your ventilation spots.  If they are dirty enough to block proper air flow, they will need to be cleaned quickly to resolve your problem.  If your ducts are clean, double check to ensure that all of your registers are not closed partly or even all the way.
Air conditioners can be particular and require constant care, as well as proper tune-ups to operate to their full potential.  Remember to call American Home Services at (913) 322-0724 for a free quote regarding any of your HVAC needs!