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Fall Furnace Tune-Up – Overland Park

You should have a furnace tune-up before the first use of the season. The weather in Overland Park is changing every day. Cold one day, warm the next. Don’t wait until something goes wrong to have your furnace tested, checked and tuned up. When the temperature starts to drop outside, the furnace should be inspected. The furnace has had the entire summer and fall to generate a new problem that might not be noticed until it is turned on again during the winter. Having a furnace tune-up before its first use of the winter will ensure that it is safe for the cold months where it is used the most.

american home services fall furnace tune-upHomeowners can conduct a preliminary inspection themselves by starting outside. Take a close look at the area around the HVAC unit. There should be no plants, weeds or bushes obstructing the flow of air in and around the unit, so trim back plant growth and clear a path all around the unit. By the end of summer the condensing coils have probably accumulated dirt and debris which can restrict proper airflow, making it inefficient to operate and leading to more expense. You can clean the coils by spraying with a garden hose.

The furnace components inside require seasonal inspections and maintenance; different systems having different needs. A professional should do your furnace tune-up to ensure any issues are recognized and corrected. Thermostats may need to be replaced, corrosive buildup may need to be corrected, wiring replaced. There are any number of other issues that can arise requiring furnace tune-up or repairs.

Getting a furnace tune-up can make the difference in how long it functions adequately. Once winter arrives you are going to want to turn on the furnace to keep warm. It’s not going to do you much good if the furnace isn’t working properly, causing more than a little aggravation and discomfort. Call American Home Services to schedule a furnace tune-up today. 913-322-0724, or visit us online at