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How to Make Your Overland Park Heating and Cooling Unit Last Longer

A Lennox Unit Install For Overland Park Heating and Cooling
One of the surest signs that mankind has triumphed over nature is our environment altering technology. Not things like cars and factories pumping pollution into the air. Rather, technology such as building insulation, ceiling fans, and central air.
Central air may be the greatest technology mankind has created. It’s so wonderful that many people take it for granted. They presume that every place they live will always have HVAC units. Yet that is not the case! The real truth is that, and we know it here in the metro, that Overland Park heating and cooling units require upkeep and maintenance. Otherwise, they can easily break down and leave you without environmental control. Depending on where you live, that could actually be dangerous.
So how do you ensure that you’re properly caring for your Overland Park heating and cooling unit? Follow these simple tips.

1. Change Filters Regularly

Many people forget how important it is to change the filter. The filter in a heating and cooling unit helps ensure dust, dirt, and debris doesn’t get sucked into the unit’s fan. If that happened, it could result in the fan clogging up and no longer running.
But if the filter gets too dirty, that can block the air flow. When the air flow is blocked, you don’t have cooled or heated air blowing into your home.

2. Keep Your Ducts Clean

The duct work in your home is what allows the heating and cooling unit to blow heated or cooled air throughout the house. When it gets dust and debris trapped inside, one of two things happens.
Either the air flow becomes clogged, like when the filter is dirty, or you have dirt and debris blowing into your home. Neither one is particularly beneficial. And if you or your loved ones have any breathing issues, it could even be fatal.

3. Keep Your Coils Free Of Grass

The fan unit that sits outside your home can easily become part of the lawn. That is, grass and other plants can grow up and around the unit, clinging to its side and otherwise burying it. This is dangerous for multiple reasons. It can clog up the fan, and it can also cause damage to the casing. Both of these things can force you to pay for costly repairs.

4. Keep Freon Charged

The way your system cools air is with the condenser. There are many technical details, but in simple terms the condenser unit is what actually cools the air. To do that, it needs Freon.
But Freon can easily leak, since it’s gas. It also deteriorates over time. So make sure you charge it up every so often.

5. Keep Unit Sealed Tightly

Lastly, keep the unit sealed up. You don’t want small children or any pets getting into any of the bits and pieces.
Ultimately, caring for your unit is your job. Certainly you can call a professional company such as Overland Park Heating and Cooling to repair any breaks or malfunctions. But as the old saying goes, a stitch in time saves nine. Keep up with maintenance, and you won’t have to pay nearly as much in the long run.