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Signs Your Air Conditioner Is About To Go Kaput

Infographic - Why Overland Park AC Repair RocksAs the warm weather months approach, you might need to call on your local air conditioning Overland Park service professionals for a quick look at your AC unit. If you are experiencing any issues with your system now is the time to have them resolved before they become bigger problems.
Bigger problems can lead to your entire air conditioner going kaput just when you need it most. They also cost more to fix than smaller ones. Here are some signs that point to your need for contacting your air conditioning Overland Park service professionals.

Compressor or Blower Assembly Noises

When you switch on the AC do you hear weird sounds coming from it? If there is any type of rattling noise, it is a sign that the system is about to fail altogether. If you hear a loud banging noise, it means the blower assembly is in need of triage. Contact your AC professionals to inspect the unit right away.

Failure of the Air Conditioner to Start

This sign might be an obvious one. If you cannot get your unit to switch on and operate it obviously needs help. Do not get ready to junk it, though. Call your Overland Park HVAC experts to inspect it. It may just need to get a new capacitator so that it can operate again. This repair may not be as expensive as you think.
Your air conditioner might start but it fails to keep running. A capacitator can also be to blame for this problem. Different units make use of a different number of capacitors often in different sizes. Your HVAC experts will have the skills and parts needed to fix yours.

Inadequate Cool-Air Flow or Loss of Cooling Capacity

This is one sign no one enjoys. You switch your system on and it runs, but it only takes a few minutes to realize that the room or home is not getting any cooler. This problem can sometimes be very quick and inexpensive to fix.
If an old or dirty air conditioning filter is to blame, you can enjoy cooler air for just a few dollars. You can often replace the filter yourself, but if there are other problems with the unit or HVAC system, do not delay in contacting your AC professional as it can sometimes mean problems with the fan or the ductwork.
If the air conditioner is putting out a reduced temperature, you may need to have the Freon charged.

Loss of Cool Air Supply or Air Flow

Before you contact your HVAC experts about this, you want to be sure that the indoor power switch, the circuit breaker and the fuse are all in the on position. If your system seems to have a loss of air flow entirely there could be a problem with the ducts.
Your AC will let you know when it is about to go kaput. When it does, call your Overland Park AC experts for help.