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National Focus On AC Repair Overland Park

overland park heating and cooling industry newsGiven as everybody in the developed world is ever more frequently relying on indoor climate control to stay comfort in adverse environments, it should come as no surprise that worldwide, heating and air conditioning contractors are part of a steadily growing industry. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) technology is becoming an ever more prolific part of every day life and keeping these systems functioning is a business that most communities simply can not do without. AC repair Overland Park is but one local business in a large array of companies across the nation that provide repairs and installation services for these systems.
AC repair in Overland Park is part of a truly large industry that got as big as it is being absolutely essential to the comfort of modern society. Without good air conditioning, the summers in the most sweltering regions on Earth would swiftly become unbearable, even in the United States, particularly in southern regions such as Kansas, where the summers can be truly painful. With all this in mind it is hardly surprising that the air conditioning industry clocks in at around 82 billion USD in the year 2015 in overall profits in the United States alone, not taking into consideration the profits made in other countries where winter and summer weather can be incredibly hazardous and uncomfortable.
What’s more, this represents a 4 percent growth over the industry’s profits in 2014, as it has for some years now. The growing size of the industry is attributed to a number of factors, including the fact that the demand is near constant and growing with each new building erected in the United States and the fact that improved energy efficiency technology is creating another steady.
In this case, the new steady demand is for HVAC companies to transform existing climate control systems into more energy efficiency systems, as well as installing these improved technology systems in buildings right off the bat. Because these improvements in climate control technology have been proven to save money over the course of a few years, many people intending to inhabit a building in the long term are looking to these advancements with great interest.
The business does, however, remain a small local one. While there are an estimate 437,884 HVAC technicians employed across the United States, they are employed mostly by rough 105,598 separate HVAC businesses scattered across the country. This means that each HVAC company employs roughly four technicians in a field that is by necessity highly localized and can not easily be franchised due to the expertise it requires to install and maintain these complicated systems.
While the industry has taken some hits in the past decade due to factors tied to the larger global economy, it has made a noticeable comeback, along with most of the construction industry in the United States. Continued growth, barring another large scale economic disaster, is projected for the industry as energy efficiency technologies and awareness of these systems grows across the populace of the United States.