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Why You Shouldn't Procrastinate Lenexa Furnace Repair

People are overly familiar with elements that can be extremely dangerous. Furnaces are one of those things. What starts as a tiny problem can turn into a gas leak, carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide leak, the latter of which can leave you poisoned. Carbon monoxide is something that a lot of people try and protect against through detectors and home inspections. Not everyone realizes that to further safeguard themselves and their homes, they should maintain their furnace with a Lenexa furnace repair company.

Heat Exchangers Break Down And Crack

When the heat exchanger within the furnace becomes cracked, carbon monoxide can leak freely into your home. The numbers are higher than you might think. 10,000 carbon monoxide related injuries occur every year, with over 430 deaths as well. Carbon monoxide is odorless, making it extremely dangerous and difficult to detect. The solution is simple. Keep up on your furnace maintenance by calling an Overland Park HVAC company before it gets too cold outside. There won’t be anything to worry about when you hire a pro to make sure your furnace is safe and functioning properly.

Carbon Monoxide Is A Serious Danger

Even if a carbon monoxide leak is small and doesn’t kill you, there are still other consequences to your health. The effect of even minor leaks is still damaging, especially for infants and the elderly. People experience nausea, headaches, exhaustion, disorientation, or even depression. By keeping on your furnace maintenance you can ensure your home stays safe for you and your loved ones. Getting a tune-up can give you peace of mind for the winter.