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You Know You Need Lenexa Furnace Repair When…

Lenexa Furnace RepairYou Have An Unreliable Thermostat

Do you notice that you frequently have to make adjustments to the thermostat so your house can stay warm? If so, your furnace needs to be inspected. Some rooms may be too warm, while other rooms are not warm enough. The furnace may be experiencing problems distributing air equally around the home. A professional repair service may be able to resolve the issue before a replacement unit is needed.

Has Your Flame Color Changed? Call A Lenexa Furnace Repair Company

A blue flame means that the furnace is operating as it should. When the flame changes from blue to yellow, that could signal several issues. One issue could be that there is a water leak. Another issue is that the pipes are rusted. These are just two of the issues that could result in carbon monoxide developing in the furnace and changing the color of the flame.
A professional technician would be able to diagnose what the issue is and quickly make the necessary repairs to eliminate the production of carbon monoxide.
Although it is normal for the furnace to make noises, if you hear loud rattles, squeaks, banging or popping, you should not ignore those sounds. The blower may need to be repaired, or other parts may need to be replaced. Consider hiring a professional repair service before it becomes a larger issue.
An Overland Park furnace repair service can help you save money by repairing your furnace instead of replacing it. Find a reputable and professional service that will get your furnace functioning properly again.