AC Tune-Up and AC Service

The Kansas City weather has been changing now that spring is officially here. We are now getting close to turning on that AC.  With the spring arrival, you’ll need an AC expert able to help you make your home more comfortable. A good idea to keep your home at a decent temperature is to work with an air conditioning company. Getting your AC tune-up should be done by someone who can help you and be skilled at this kind of work. American Home Service is offering a spring coupon for AC Tune-up and AC Service!

AC Tune-Up and AC Service

Before you decide on the right company, there are some questions you need answers to. How long has the company has been doing AC work? You need to find someone who has been in the business for a long time, as you don’t want your AC system getting messed up or needing to be replaced. If you do want to hire a newer company, find out if the people working there had to train at a college and if so it will help you not be as anxious when they are helping.

If your home has an AC system that seems to find itself in trouble too often, needing someone to do AC repairs regularly, you might need a new system. Speak with the AC professionals from American Home Services for repairs and we’ll check for a new system to install. Getting inspections done regularly is crucial for AC service, proper upkeep, and to prevent any unnecessary replacements. If there are ever problems that you are told need to be fixed, American Home Services has an affordable solution. Waiting too long get things fixed will cost you more in the long run because problems can become bigger. Have your air conditioner tuned up this spring and catch any issues before they get out of hand when it’s hot.

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Water Softener Systems By Rainsoft

RainSoft water conditioning and water softener systems soften and polish the water used throughout your home. Soaps and shampoos rinse out more completely, leaving skin and hair cleaner and more residue free. Water conditioners allow you to use less soap, and your water-using appliances will last longer without that scale build-up present in hard water. Many RainSoft water conditioning systems incorporate our proprietary EC4 technology. This smart control water softening system actually learns how your family uses water, saving you money in water consumption and salt usage.

Since 1953, RainSoft has become an industry leader in treating, filtering and softening water for well over one million homes and businesses throughout the world.

Water is in our lives 24/7. It is so important to our daily lives, yet goes unchecked and taken for granted most of the times. We need it to exist, of course, but in our homes, it serves another purpose. Carrying materials from the inside out and vice versa, water is a tool that suspends and dissolves these materials. While water is in the ground, it picks up soluble bits of whatever it passes through. While this can mean contamination that makes the water unfit to drink, in many cases it simply means that the water contains minerals found in the earth. Of these, calcium and magnesium are of particular importance because they affect the water’s ability to function in our homes. These minerals make our water hard.

rainsoftwaterWe offer the best drinking water and the largest variety of water treatment products and services available for your home or business including water softeners, water filtration systems, reverse osmosis drinking water systems, equipment installation, and repair service. RainSoft products are built to last and have the best trained and experienced service technicians in the industry.

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What To Do When You Need AC Repair In Overland Park

Great video put together by our Overland Park AC repair company!

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How Do You Find Trustworthy AC Repair Overland Park?

How Do You Find Trustworthy AC Repair Overland ParkWhen it comes to ensuring your AC unit is in working order, you can’t afford to play around. In some cases, a functional AC could well be the difference between illness and health. So if your unit breaks down, you don’t want to hire a company that doesn’t know what they’re doing. So our question is, how do you find trustworthy AC repair Overland Park?

AC repair Overland Park is vital, but how do you find a company that can do the job? It can be a bit difficult, but not impossible. Just follow these tips.

1. Look For AC Service History

Service history involves two things. How long a company has been around, and how people feel about their work.

A company being around for a while indicates that they have a history of doing good work. After all, if a company couldn’t provide proper service, then they wouldn’t keep getting hired. So make sure that the company has been around for a while. A company that just opened up a few years ago simply isn’t going to have the work history to prove they can do the job.

However, there’s many reasons why a previously high quality company might suddenly do poor work. They could have had a change in management, or they could have lost all their good technicians. While things like that are unfortunate, that doesn’t mean you should suffer a poor repair job on their behalf. So before you hire a company, check for referrals. Ask others how their work looked and whether or not they were satisfied.

2. Check Online Reputation For The AC Repair Company

In the age of the internet, you can find just about anything on the internet. This includes business reputations. So when you’re doing your research on the business, make sure to check online, as well.

Take care when you do this, however. While it’s not exactly common, some people do leave poor reviews of companies even though the company did good work. There could be many reasons, such as the company refusing to give them a larger discount on the work, or them not liking the tech for some unknown reason. So while online reputation is important, make sure that it’s only part of the research you do.

3. Compare Prices

Look for a good price. But keep in mind, cheaper doesn’t mean better. It only means cheaper. When a company is offering something cheaper than normal market price, it’s because they’re getting some benefit out of it. It might be an attempt to get new customers, but it might be because they’re using cheap parts and inexperienced technicians. Sometimes, you get what you pay for.

4. Trust Your Gut

How do people treat you when you call to ask for information? Do you feel comfortable with the technician when they come out to do an assessment? Do they keep their tools properly maintained? If something feels uncomfortable, don’t just dismiss it. You’re the customer, you’re supposed to feel satisfied.

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How To Make Your Overland Park Heating And Cooling Unit Last Longer

A Lennox Unit Install For Overland Park Heating and Cooling
One of the surest signs that mankind has triumphed over nature is our environment altering technology. Not things like cars and factories pumping pollution into the air. Rather, technology such as building insulation, ceiling fans, and central air.

Central air may be the greatest technology mankind has created. It’s so wonderful that many people take it for granted. They presume that every place they live will always have HVAC units. Yet that is not the case! The real truth is that, and we know it here in the metro, that Overland Park heating and cooling units require upkeep and maintenance. Otherwise, they can easily break down and leave you without environmental control. Depending on where you live, that could actually be dangerous.

So how do you ensure that you’re properly caring for your Overland Park heating and cooling unit? Follow these simple tips.

1. Change Filters Regularly

Many people forget how important it is to change the filter. The filter in a heating and cooling unit helps ensure dust, dirt, and debris doesn’t get sucked into the unit’s fan. If that happened, it could result in the fan clogging up and no longer running.

But if the filter gets too dirty, that can block the air flow. When the air flow is blocked, you don’t have cooled or heated air blowing into your home.

2. Keep Your Ducts Clean

The duct work in your home is what allows the heating and cooling unit to blow heated or cooled air throughout the house. When it gets dust and debris trapped inside, one of two things happens.

Either the air flow becomes clogged, like when the filter is dirty, or you have dirt and debris blowing into your home. Neither one is particularly beneficial. And if you or your loved ones have any breathing issues, it could even be fatal.

3. Keep Your Coils Free Of Grass

The fan unit that sits outside your home can easily become part of the lawn. That is, grass and other plants can grow up and around the unit, clinging to its side and otherwise burying it. This is dangerous for multiple reasons. It can clog up the fan, and it can also cause damage to the casing. Both of these things can force you to pay for costly repairs.

4. Keep Freon Charged

The way your system cools air is with the condenser. There are many technical details, but in simple terms the condenser unit is what actually cools the air. To do that, it needs Freon.

But Freon can easily leak, since it’s gas. It also deteriorates over time. So make sure you charge it up every so often.

5. Keep Unit Sealed Tightly

Lastly, keep the unit sealed up. You don’t want small children or any pets getting into any of the bits and pieces.

Ultimately, caring for your unit is your job. Certainly you can call a professional company such as Overland Park Heating and Cooling to repair any breaks or malfunctions. But as the old saying goes, a stitch in time saves nine. Keep up with maintenance, and you won’t have to pay nearly as much in the long run.

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Signs That You’re Going To Need Overland Park AC Repair Soon

overland park heating and cooling project 08Even though air conditioning units are usually designed to last from 10 to 15 years, repairs and maintenance may be needed. This is especially true if you live in a warm climate and tend to rely on your AC unit to provide you with cool air throughout most of the year. Here are a few signs that you might need to contact an Overland park AC repair company soon.

5. Your AC unit is constantly on

It is very easy to turn your AC unit on and forget it. Try paying attention to how frequently you turn your AC unit on and how long it runs for. If your AC unit is not performing as well as it used to, you will probably find yourself leaving it on for longer periods of time. Comparing your electricity bills with the ones from last summer can be a good way to determine whether or not your AC unit has been running more frequently and for longer periods of time.

4. There is no cool air flow

This is a very simple test that will help you determine how well your AC unit is working. Turn the AC unit on at full blast and place your hand directly in front of a ventilation grille. If you do not feel any cool air coming out or if the air flow does not seem as strong as it should be, you might need AC repairs.

3. The temperature of your home does not match your thermostat

An AC unit that is functioning properly will not be able to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home and you might find yourself adjusting the thermostat more often than usual. If the inside of your home feels warmer than the temperature your thermostat is set to, you need to contact an AC professional.

2. There is a leak

Leaks might be difficult to detect but you definitely need to contact a repairman if you find yourself adding freon to your unit more often than usual. Look for signs of humidity around the AC unit and keep track of how often you add freon to your AC system.

1. There are unusual sounds and odors

You might notice a burnt smell or another unusual odor coming from your AC unit if parts need to be replaced or if there is a leak. You might also hear some unusual sounds coming from the AC unit or from the ventilation system. You should call a repairman right away if you hear any unusual sounds or notice any unusual odors.

An AC repairman will perform a visual inspection of your system, test for leaks and test the airflow to determine where the problem might be coming from. In most cases, problems can be fixed by cleaning the AC unit and ventilation system, replacing the filters or replacing any defective parts. It is best to contact a repairman as soon as you notice that there is an issue since an AC unit that does not work properly can cause your electricity bill to skyrocket.

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How Does Neglecting Overland Park Heating And Cooling Maintenance Shorten The Life Of Your Unit?

overland park heating and cooling project 15If you don’t pay attention to your Overland Park heating and cooling systems you may end up with a big problem on your hands. The longer you wait to fix issues, the more costly they will be. Avoid having to deal with heating and cooling system issues that are too out of hand by using the tips here.

Every good Overland Park heating and cooling company will tell you that if you don’t make sure to clear the dust and debris from your unit then you may find yourself having to deal with paying more money to cool your home. This is because your air conditioner is going to have to work harder through the buildup of debris and dust in it causing it to have to be on longer. If you notice that your electricity bills are slowly climbing and the prices from the electric company haven’t gone up, your unit may be in need of a deep clean.

Your unit has to have enough freon in it because if you don’t refill it you’re going to have to have it run longer just to cool your home. Not only that, but you may end up shortening the life of the unit. When your air conditioner has to keep working hard, it will be a lot less likely to last you a long time. You need to protect it and make sure that you not only clean it but also you have to refill the freon regularly.

Your air conditioner’s fan should be checked regularly because if it’s not blowing as strong as it was in the past the compressor may continue to run. This causes it to keep going so that it can deal with the difference in air flow, and may cause you problems in the future. Check the fan to see if you can feel it blowing as hard as it should, and if not look to see if you can clean it or remove anything that could be slowing it down. Always clean the fan blades when the unit is off so there’s not a chance it will turn on and harm you.

Keep an eye on the outside unit so that you can see if there are any signs of pests trying to get into it. Sometimes animals can start to try to damage the unit so that they can gget into it, and if they do they could end up clogging up the system. You should try checking on it at least once a week. A regular inspection by a professional can help you if you want to increase the lifespan of the unit. Not only that, but you can also learn about what kind of replacement options you may want to work with to save money in the future.

Overland Park heating and cooling advice like what you read here will help you to always have a system that runs well. If you’re always having to deal with doing repairs, make sure that you figure out if it’s cheaper for you over time to just get a new system installed.

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Overland Park Heating And Cooling Help Can Keep Your Home Comfortable

why ac repair overland park ks is importantA good idea to keep your home at a decent temperature is to work with an Overland Park heating and cooling company. How can they help you and how can you be sure they are skilled at this kind of work? Find out just how these things are done by reading more.

Figure out how long the company has been doing this kind of work and how they pick who they employ. If you find out that they are brand new to the business, you may not want to hire them just yet because if they aren’t too skilled it could end in your home getting damaged or even getting your heating or cooling system into a situation where it has to be replaced. If you do want to hire a newer company, find out if the people working there had to train at a college and if so it will help you not be as anxious when they are helping.

Heating and cooling systems are there to help your home to stay at a safe temperature. If you have kids or older people living in your home, you really have to be careful with how hot or cold it gets in your home. Heat strokes are something that can happen or people can get very cold and sick. By making sure that your home is at a safe temperature, you can be sure that everyone is safe and comfortable. If your home won’t be able to get someone to do a repair within a week or two during extreme weather, find other living arrangements to be safe.

Do not try to take apart anything to try and fix it. Don’t try to turn anything on or off if you’re not sure of what you are doing. Some people think that they can get some of the work don on their own to save and end up starting fires or getting electrocuted. You need to be careful and to make sure that if there is a fix you don’t understand you keep away from messing with it so your family and self can stay safe.

If you find that you’re having to get someone out to do ac repairs regularly, you have to think about getting a new system in place. Speak with the heating and cooling profesionals that you’re having do the repairs and see if they know of a system you can get them to install. It is also smart to get inspections done regularly. If there are ever problems that you are told need to be fixed, you shouldn’t wait because if you don’t get help it will cost far more to get things fixed because after some time problems can get larger.

Overland Park heating and cooling experts are going to be able to help you to make your home more comfortable. There are plenty of great options and some that you will want to avoid. Just put this information to good use and you will do fine.

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Signs Your Air Conditioner Is About To Go Kaput – Air Conditioning Overland Park Services

Infographic - Why Overland Park AC Repair RocksAs the warm weather months approach, you might need to call on your local air conditioning Overland Park service professionals for a quick look at your AC unit. If you are experiencing any issues with your system now is the time to have them resolved before they become bigger problems.

Bigger problems can lead to your entire air conditioner going kaput just when you need it most. They also cost more to fix than smaller ones. Here are some signs that point to your need for contacting your air conditioning Overland Park service professionals.

Compressor or Blower Assembly Noises

When you switch on the AC do you hear weird sounds coming from it? If there is any type of rattling noise, it is a sign that the system is about to fail altogether. If you hear a loud banging noise, it means the blower assembly is in need of triage. Contact your AC professionals to inspect the unit right away.

Failure of the Air Conditioner to Start

This sign might be an obvious one. If you cannot get your unit to switch on and operate it obviously needs help. Do not get ready to junk it, though. Call your Overland Park HVAC experts to inspect it. It may just need to get a new capacitator so that it can operate again. This repair may not be as expensive as you think.

Your air conditioner might start but it fails to keep running. A capacitator can also be to blame for this problem. Different units make use of a different number of capacitors often in different sizes. Your HVAC experts will have the skills and parts needed to fix yours.

Inadequate Cool-Air Flow or Loss of Cooling Capacity

This is one sign no one enjoys. You switch your system on and it runs, but it only takes a few minutes to realize that the room or home is not getting any cooler. This problem can sometimes be very quick and inexpensive to fix.

If an old or dirty air conditioning filter is to blame, you can enjoy cooler air for just a few dollars. You can often replace the filter yourself, but if there are other problems with the unit or HVAC system, do not delay in contacting your AC professional as it can sometimes mean problems with the fan or the ductwork.

If the air conditioner is putting out a reduced temperature, you may need to have the Freon charged.

Loss of Cool Air Supply or Air Flow

Before you contact your HVAC experts about this, you want to be sure that the indoor power switch, the circuit breaker and the fuse are all in the on position. If your system seems to have a loss of air flow entirely there could be a problem with the ducts.
Your AC will let you know when it is about to go kaput. When it does, call your Overland Park AC experts for help.

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National Focus On AC Repair Overland Park

overland park heating and cooling industry newsGiven as everybody in the developed world is ever more frequently relying on indoor climate control to stay comfort in adverse environments, it should come as no surprise that worldwide, heating and air conditioning contractors are part of a steadily growing industry. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) technology is becoming an ever more prolific part of every day life and keeping these systems functioning is a business that most communities simply can not do without. AC repair Overland Park is but one local business in a large array of companies across the nation that provide repairs and installation services for these systems.

AC repair in Overland Park is part of a truly large industry that got as big as it is being absolutely essential to the comfort of modern society. Without good air conditioning, the summers in the most sweltering regions on Earth would swiftly become unbearable, even in the United States, particularly in southern regions such as Kansas, where the summers can be truly painful. With all this in mind it is hardly surprising that the air conditioning industry clocks in at around 82 billion USD in the year 2015 in overall profits in the United States alone, not taking into consideration the profits made in other countries where winter and summer weather can be incredibly hazardous and uncomfortable.

What’s more, this represents a 4 percent growth over the industry’s profits in 2014, as it has for some years now. The growing size of the industry is attributed to a number of factors, including the fact that the demand is near constant and growing with each new building erected in the United States and the fact that improved energy efficiency technology is creating another steady.

In this case, the new steady demand is for HVAC companies to transform existing climate control systems into more energy efficiency systems, as well as installing these improved technology systems in buildings right off the bat. Because these improvements in climate control technology have been proven to save money over the course of a few years, many people intending to inhabit a building in the long term are looking to these advancements with great interest.

The business does, however, remain a small local one. While there are an estimate 437,884 HVAC technicians employed across the United States, they are employed mostly by rough 105,598 separate HVAC businesses scattered across the country. This means that each HVAC company employs roughly four technicians in a field that is by necessity highly localized and can not easily be franchised due to the expertise it requires to install and maintain these complicated systems.

While the industry has taken some hits in the past decade due to factors tied to the larger global economy, it has made a noticeable comeback, along with most of the construction industry in the United States. Continued growth, barring another large scale economic disaster, is projected for the industry as energy efficiency technologies and awareness of these systems grows across the populace of the United States.

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